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miruku's Journal

2 November
miruku is dead. long live mirukux.

brad broke my lj bio =(

#barkingsnails, #lexx, #lexxians, #lexxuk, #uk_goffs, acid jazz, adam and joe, androgyny, anime, argle bargle, atheism, audio, audio engineering, bdsm, bi, black, bleepy shit, blood sports, brak, call of cthulhu, cheese, chizu, clubbing, computers, corsets, cracker bread, crunchy, cute, cuteness, cyber, cyber goth, cybergoth, dark, darkness, darkwave, domination, drawing, drum and bass, dundee, e.b.m, ebm, electronic, electronic body music, electronic music, electronica, epicurus, epistemology, erotic, erotica, ethical hedonism, ethics, evil, exhibition, experimental, experimental music, fapping, floggers, floodlight, fluffy, fresh bread, futurepop, gabber, geek, geeks, goth, gothic, gothic rock, hair dye, hedonism, huggles, iain m. banks, idealism, idm, industrial, industrial noise, infest, info, intelligent dance music, irc, japanese, lemurs in the rain, lexx, lexxians, liberty, livejournal, logic, lossless compression, lounge, love, manga, maroon, megatokyo, mike oldfield, minidisc, music, natch, nifty, noise, notdole, objectivism, ost, pai, peep, pie, pills, png, pot, power noise, pr0n, prawn crackers, purple, quake trilogy, rar, rar!, rational self-interest, resting, restricted government, rivets, roleplaying, s&m, saussages and salad cream, sci-fi, scotland, self-intrest, sex, sexual experimentation, si, slashdot, sleep, snuggles, sweetness, swooshy, synthpop, the culture, trigger happy tv, unf, unique, uuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvv!!!!!!!!!!, uv, voyeurism, warm breeze, weird, whips, xevbot